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In every relationship, communication is key. Similarly, we at Buttonwood aim to work closely with you to ensure we add the best value to your business. Our commitment to you does not stop there. We at Buttonwood place trust as a cornerstone of our corporate culture. As you take the first step with us, know that our proven suite of logistic products and experiences have already earned us a position as a trusted provider for tomorrow’s logistics solutions.

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We achieve this through - smartLogistics™ suite - a state-of-the-art solution system. From domestic to international challenges, when you have smartLogistics™ suite, you know you are in the best of hands. We designed and developed the smartLogistics™ suite with the initiative to implement the Single Window concept. Our solution allows the submission of all the information and documents with a single entry point to the various goverment agencies to fulfill all import, export and transit related regulatory requirements. Duplication of data entry and administration work is reduced substantially, hence eliminating data entry error which may lead to potential revenue loss.



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